A multidisciplinary training school for Early Career coastal researchers

The study of past coastal processes has direct relevance for informing our understanding of the impact of future coastal, sea-level changes and extreme events on shorelines, but also to explore the strategies adopted since the antiquities to mitigate and/or adapt to such changes.

In this framework, we are organizing a training school focused on the interdisciplinary study of the coastal zone.

The Costal Changes and Evolution EGU-INQUA summer school  (CoChE) will explore the current methods to investigate the response of coastal zones to the transition from glacial to interglacial periods (with a focus on the late Quaternary, i.e., the last 125ka) in order to gather information on sea-level changes and polar ice sheets sensitivity to colder and warmer climates.

It will train the participants in field, laboratory, and modelling techniques that are currently used to investigate rates and causes of coastal changes at different time scales.

The training school is open to Early Career Researchers in the field of geomorphology, geology, climatology, maritime archaeology, coastal engineering, and physical geography.



The training school will be hosted by the IAS-CNR lab in Oristano 

Day 1, Field proxies of coastal changes

9:00 Matteo Vacchi (University of Pisa) and Alessio Rovere (Marum, University of Bremen)

Introduction to the summer school

9:15 Simon Engelhart, (University of Durham)

Quantitative Reconstructions of Holocene Relative Sea Level from Temperate and Tropical coastal marshes

10:00 Federico Di Rita, (University of Rome, La Sapienza)

Vegetation and environmental changes in the coastal area

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Elisa Casella (ZMT Bremen), Alessio Rovere (Marum, University of Bremen)

UAV platforms as new technology to study coastal environment and coastal changes

12:00 Gianni de Falco, (CNR IAS Oristano)

Introduction to the fieldtrip, millennial coastal changes in central Western Sardinia

13:00 Free Lunch break (beach bars in Torregrande)

Fieldtrip 1

14:15 Coring techniques for quantitative sea-level reconstruction. Mistras lagoon

Leaders, Simon Engelhart, Federico di Rita and Gianni de Falco

16:30 Historical evolution and current management of the Sinis beaches

Leaders, Simone Simeone and Gianni de Falco

18:30 End of day 1

Day 2, Coastal evolution and historical coastal settlements:

8:00 Departure for the Nora. Fieldtrip 2

9:30 Maria Chiara Metelli, Filippo Carraro, Jacopo Bonetto, (University of Padova), Gianni de Falco (CNR IAS Oristano)

Archaeological maritime structures of Mediterranean coasts

10:30 Jacopo Bonetto, Gianni de Falco, Maria Chiara Metelli, Filippo Carraro

Visit to the archaeological site of Nora and its coastal evidences

13:30-14:30 Free lunch break

14:30 Matteo Vacchi

Beachrocks as sea level indicators

15:30 Maria Chiara Metelli, Filippo Carraro, Alessio Rovere

Archaeological data processing for cartographic modelling

Day 3, Modelling past and future coastal changes

9:00 Natasha Barlow (University of Leeds)

Reconstructing Last Interglacial sea level: field-based proxiel

9:45 Jacky Austermann (LDEO, Columbia University)

Modeling glacial isostatic adjustment and other things that make the Earth go up and down

10:15 Paolo Stocchi (NIOZ, University of Utrecht)

Modeling the coastal response to sea level change (stratigraphy, coastal morphodynamics, and coral reefs evolution)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Alessio Rovere (Marum, University of Bremen)

Sea level highstands and extreme palaeo strorms. Field data and modelling tools

12:15 Andrea Cucco (CNR IAS Oristano)

Ocean modeling and operational oceanography: from open ocean to coastal scale

13:00 Free Lunch break

Fieldtrip 3

14:30 Evidence of past interglacial sea-level stands along the Sinis coast

Leaders, Alessio Rovere, Natasha Barlow, Matteo Vacchi

18:00 End of day 3


Invited speakers

University of Durham (UK)

NIOZ, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Netherlands)

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (USA)


Registration is now open!

The registration fee is 175 Euros and includes the course material,  the accommodation in double room  in Marina di Torregrande, the coffee breaks and the social dinner. 

The workshop has a maximum capacity of 18 participants.

To receive the registration form please email medflood@gmail.com

     The deadline for registration is on 

April 30th 2019

Funding is available to cover the partial or full registration costs of early-career scientists on a needs basis (e.g. self-funded students). 

Participants who wants to apply for funding are invited to submit a short abstract of their current research or objectives in attending the training school at medflood@gmail.com

The organizers cannot accept liability for personal accident, loss, or damage to private property, which may be incurred as a result of the participation in this training school. If required by your own institutions, you are, therefore, advised to arrange appropriate insurance coverage.


Teaching and organising team


University of Pisa (Italy)
University of Exeter (UK)

University of Leeds (UK)

Marum, University of Bremen (Germany)

Leibniz center for Tropical Marine Research (Germany)

University of Padova (Italy)

IAS CNR (Italy)

University of Padova (Italy)

University of Rome, La Sapienza (Italy)

IAS CNR (Italy)

Studio Geologi Associati (Italy)

Sara Biolchi

University of Trieste (Italy)

IAS CNR (Italy)

Practical information

The IAS-CNR is located near the small village of Marina di Torregrande, centre-west of Sardinia (western Mediterranean). Torregrande, is approximately 10 km away from the Oristano train station. A shuttle bus will collect the participants at the train station. 

Oristano is connected with Cagliari airport by train (approx 1h trip) and by coach services.  There are several low cost companies connecting Cagliari Airport with continental Europe through direct flights (especially in the summer), 
Please check from airports website for new destinations.

If you have questions about the registration process, our schedule, or general information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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